Power Vinyasa

Using smooth and dynamic transitions between poses, vinyasa yoga emphasizes the link between breath and movement through a mixture of sun salutations and various other hip focused postures. The faster pace is invigorating, and helps build all around physical strength, stamina, and willpower.



This extremely intense practice involves a set series of postures sequenced by legendary yogi Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Many vinyasas are performed, as well as numerous advanced postures. Excellent for building core strength and toning muscles.



A traditional yoga practice focusing on precision alignment and breath control. With longer hold times and a slower pace than vinyasa, hatha yoga gives students the opportunity to fully sink into the postures and achieve physical, emotional, and mental stillness, strength, and flexibility.



A widely popular style of yoga designed by master B.K.S. Iyengar. Props and pose variations are introduced to help make postures more accessible to a broader range of students at all skill levels. Focusing on alignment, poses are usually held longer.



Restorative classes are designed to gently open and stretch both the body and mind, inducing relaxation. Less intense poses are usually practiced with props, while focusing on breath to achieve a higher state of tranquility.



This slower paced class focuses on stretching tendons, ligaments, fascia, and other connective tissues, instead of building muscular strength. Poses are generally held for longer, and props are used. Breath work, meditations, and visualizations are also incorporated.



This workshop style class breaks down the fundamental postural alignment of your favorite yoga poses. Learn how to properly enter and exit postures, breathe within the shapes, deepen the stretch, and cultivate awareness of your body and mind. The use of props, modifications, and variations are also explored, opening the practice to students of all levels.


Gentle Flow

A less intense class than Power Vinyasa, Gentle Flow incorporates Moon Salutations to help link breath with movement as a form of moving meditation. More gentle and restorative stretches are practiced to relieve tension, and promote relaxation.



Based on the teachings of world renowned guru Swami Sivananda Saraswati, this hatha yoga style emphasizes relaxation, full yogic breathing, and other pranayama techniques as a system to achieve all around health and wellness.



Although generally described as just "breathing techniques," the Sanskrit word "Pranayama" means "life force expansion," and includes more than just oxygen intake. Prana (life force) is contained within the air we breathe, but it is not the same as oxygen. Through the control of our breath, we are able to increase the amount of prana in our system, as well as control the flow of our entire Pranic body.


Dhyana, or meditation cannot be "practiced" or "done," rather meditation happens as a result of dharana, or concentration. Concentration techniques are numerous, and there is no "right way" to meditate. Every person can achieve meditation through concentration in their own way, using different methods. Visualizations, imagination, pranayama, mantra (sound), and physical activity are just a few means of inducing a meditative state.


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